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Our Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants

BioTornado is a certified domestic wastewater treatment plant that is both compact and customizable to meet customer requirements. Its technology is ahead of its time, featuring eight treatment chambers, each equipped with a camera, achieving a remarkable 98% cleaning efficiency that surpasses certification standards.

BioTornado operates silently, occupies minimal space, and boasts an aesthetically pleasing design, making it the preferred choice for our customers. It complies with strict EU safety requirements and is an excellent option for Scandinavian regions.


BioTornado’s Partnership


BioTornado’s Partnership

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BioTornado’s Popularity


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BioTornado has always thought of and provided the best of the bests for the customers, with all due credit to our partners and suppliers, who make us able enough to climb to the top of the industry ladder with ultra-standard, next-generation, and modern wastewater treatment plants. Our ever-expanding customer base requires an ever-expanding partner base as well. So do you want to partner with BioTornado to supply modern and ultra-standard wastewater treatment plants to our honorable clientele? Do you want to serve our customers with the best quality wastewater treatment plants? Then let’s partner up for the betterment of our customers together.

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About the Manufacturer

JSC Biotechnologijos Grupė

The BioTornado Wastewater Treatment Plants are designed with the highest quality, modern systems, and cutting-edge techniques by the JSC Biotechnologijos Grupe (Biotechnology Group).

We work day and night and strive to provide nothing less than the best of the bests to our customers with the goal of becoming the best in this industry. To maintain the trust our customers keep in us, we manufacture treatment plants with strict Scandinavian standards. We provide our customers with modern and never-seen-before solutions by going beyond the current requirements, as the requirements of wastewater management are only continuing to become increasingly stringent with every passing year.

To provide our customers with the best, most modern, cutting-edge, and next-generation wastewater treatment plants, we call on all of you to join hands in partnership with us and hope to expand our network. Get in touch with us now and convey your expectations and queries to us, believe in us when we say you will not be disappointed.


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