Next-Generation Wastewater Treatment

Achieves superior nitrogen and phosphorus reduction (98% effectiveness),
compliant with EU environmental standards

Expertise & Innovation in Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Team behind Biotornado are experts in wastewater treatment offering top-notch customized domestic wastewater treatment solutions to clients.

The decades of expertise, research and development led us to develop the BioTornado. It features patented technology, is CE marked, and is widely proven by certifications to be one of the best products in the market. The trust our clients place in us, combined with our expertly engineered wastewater solutions, has led to over 4000 successful installations worldwide and counting.

The consistent trust of our customers and our use of advanced technology demonstrate our commitment to protecting water resources and maintaining environmental cleanliness.

For cleaner tomorrow!
Our Products


  • Treatment System with a capacity of 0.6 m³/day
  • Suitable for homes accommodating 2-4 people
  • Easy to install and simple to maintain
  • Treatment System with a capacity of 0.9 m³/day
  • Suitable for homes accommodating 4-6 people
  • Easy to install and simple to maintain
  • Treatment System with a capacity of 0.6 - 1.5 m³/day
  • Ideal for medium-sized residences serving 4 - 10 people
  • Easy to install and simple to maintain
  • Treatment System with a capacity of 2.25 - 7.5 m³/day
  • Suitable for commercial buildings housing 15 - 50 people
  • Easy to install and simple to maintain

Cutting-edge Technology for Domestic Wastewater Treatment

BioTornado leverages cutting-edge technology in wastewater management, effectively serving diverse environments ranging from small family residences to larger complexes, for groups ranging from 4 to 50 individuals. Unique in the European market, BioTornado features eight specialized wastewater cleaning chambers, offering efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Its intelligently designed, easy-to-install system and straightforward operation have made BioTornado highly favored in the industry. This technology adheres strictly to Scandinavian regulations and complies with rigorous EU safety, health, and environmental protection standards.

Crafted from sustainable, high-quality materials, BioTornado is not only environmentally friendly but also boasts a remarkable 98% efficiency in operation, setting it apart in terms of performance and reliability.




Our Working Process​

BioTornado utilizes biological treatment technology and features 8 compartments, enabling it to handle flexible flow rates and variations in household wastewater.

The unique treatment scheme of BioTornado, comprising the anaerobic, anoxic, and aerobic zones, enables an effective 98% treatment of household wastewater. This innovative technology also produces 50% less sludge and ensures that 98% of the effluent meets the stringent requirements of traditional treatment plants.

Anaerobic Zone
Wastewater enters BioTornado through the inlet and passes through a mechanical grate, ensuring that large particles and grit do not hinder the treatment process or cause mechanical maintenance issues. In the anaerobic zone, complex organic matter is broken down into simpler forms in preparation for the next stage of treatment, all in the absence of air.
Anoxic Zone
Here, the simplified organic matter undergoes denitrification, where nitrate and nitrite are converted into nitrogen gas. This process effectively reduces the nitrogen content in household wastewater.
Aeration Zone
Oxygen is supplied in this chamber, enabling aerobic bacteria to consume and decompose the organic matter in the presence of free oxygen. These bacteria play a crucial role in removing organic matter from the wastewater.
Clarification Zone / Settlement Zone
The wastewater from the aeration tank flows into the clarification zone, where gravity separates water from sludge. The heavier sludge settles at the bottom and is transferred back to step #01, while the treated water is collected in the next compartment. This water meets the effluent standards of Scandinavian markets and adheres to strict EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. It can be utilized for home gardening purposes or safely discharged into the environment.


One of the best wastewater treatment results in the market:

Biochemical Demand of Oxygen in 5 Days
Chemical Demand of Oxygen
Suspended Matter
Ammonia Nitrogen
Our Results

Biological domestic wastewater treatment technology with proven results

98% wastewater treatment level - Secondary use of water - durability and longevity - no odors - low noise

BioTornado treatment guarantees one of the best results for  Nitrogen levels (Nb) at 16.3mg/l (permissible: 25mg/l) and phosphorus levels (P) at 1.56mg/l (limit: 5mg/l).

Nitrogen 16.3mg/l (permissible limit: 25mg/l) 65.2%
Phosphorus levels (P) at 1.56mg/l (permissible limit: 5mg/l) 31.2%


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