Turning Domestic Wastewater Into Drinking Water

Historic methods for domestic wastewater treatment:  Humankind has a history of reusing water dating back to the history of humans as much as 1500 to 2000 BCE, when Indian, Greek and Egyptian writers wrote about Using a hot iron dipped in water, heating water in the sun, boiling water over a fire, and filtering water […]

Plastic Waste & Circular Economy

Plastic is one of the extraordinary inventions of humankind and is widely used on Earth. Plastic is a versatile material used in a lot of industries due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, low cost and long-term durability. 400 million tons of plastic are produced every year and out of which 10 million tons of plastic […]

Rising energy consumption in domestic wastewater management

The energy demand is increasing throughout the world in all sectors because of population growth and inefficient devices. This matter will get worse over the years if energy-efficient systems are not introduced in different industrial, commercial and domestic sectors. The annual global energy consumption is estimated to be 580 million terajoules per annum with different […]

Domestic Wastewater Future of Water Recycling

Earth has been referred to as the “Water Planet” by NASA, being about 70% of it covered with water. According to the US Geological Survey, however, only about 3% of it is freshwater. And only about 0.3% of this freshwater is easily accessible surface water i.e., lakes, rivers, etc. The image below attempts to visualize […]